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Operator Vision Assistance System
Smart glasses for steelmaking
Extending human vision using Augmented Reality

The innovative assistance system OViAS enhances human vision by using special NIR camera technology in combination with adapted image processing and modern augmented reality data glasses to visualise the additional information.

The robust system is directly suitable for visual monitoring of melt treatment, vessels and casting process. It can also be used in the area of maintenance to detect anomalies at an early stage, especially those that are only visible in the infrared range.

The fully industrial Smart Glasses platform is permanently mounted on the hard hat and can be worn together with goggles, safety glasses or visors. The fully voice-controlled system allows free working with both hands.

Within the scope of the market launch of the assistance system, we adapt the OViAS app and user interface individually to your specific needs and design the functionalities as desired.

OViAS - UI1.jpg
OVIAS - Alter1 Konv.jpg
Salient advantages:
  • Extension of vision into the near infrared range, thus early detection of occurring anomalies

  • Both hands free at all times

  • Increase in occupational safety


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